Alert User when Gifted! :D

So, whenever you are gifted are you aren’t online, you will not receive a message saying that you have been gifted and not a lot of people know to search the global locker to find it. But what if when you join the server, it will say either—

Costume: “(username) has gifted (wolly) to you, go look in your global locker”.
Hive+: “(username) has gifted you Hive+ to you, try saying “hi” in chat”.

This ain’t a dupe and I want this, so I vote

Thanks you for ze supportz!

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take my vote

(messenger bot alert???)

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Pretty sure MailBot is supposed to tell you this information.

I didn’t see Mailbot when @Itzyaurboi gifted me Nightcrow, I had to look in my locker just to find it. :thinking:

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Why is this post flagged

It didn’t violated any of the community guidelines / Rules

I believe it kind of already “alerts” you*, but it doesn’t say who gifted it to you, it just says that you redeemed the thingy.

*If you are online


Yeah, this suggestion is whenever you are offline which is pretty likely, you will be gifted.

Mailbot doesn’t do anything, it might as well not exist. It would really benefit from having features like this one.


I just had a dream this was accepted by the Hive Team. :man_shrugging:

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It probably will be, this is a good idea. You should at least get a message from Mailbot when you get gifted.


I will bump this for more conversation. :+1:


bump, we need this added.

Anyone who has ever gifted anything should vote for this.
This really lets letting the ppl know what they got, and who they got it from.

I just got gifted a costume and I didn’t even know until I looked in my locker just to get my “sentai” skin.

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