AFK player kick

Kick AFK players.

Hive should make an update to kick AFK (Away From Keyboard/Controller) players, after a certain amount of time (ex. 5 minutes) as a result of less lag on the servers! With less lag doing the parkour and moving around the hub should be way easier and less frustrating.

sometimes people would wanna do something (more than 5 minutes) and not wanna leave the server


I agree! Though 5 minutes was just an example, and when AFK, you are unresponsive on controller or keyboard, and it’s very easy to rejoin servers. It’s very hard to do the parkour and other things because of the insane AFK player lag.

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Yeah if people wanna go to the bathroom or get a drink or helping their families with something, they don’t wanna come back kicked because they were afk

And yes, it’s not server lag, it’s your device. Just go to video settings and turn everything to minimal. Hopefully , that will make your game faster.

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Like explained, 5 minutes was just an example, could be on a 10 or even 30 minute timer just to somewhat help with lag.

Nowadays, the hive is not that laggy. Try and avoid huge servers. On the hive

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I’ve been on multiple different devices, and had other complaints from friends. I agree it’s not very bad anymore but I’d still help!

I agree with the 30 minute timer. Cause the only thing that could probably take 30 minutes is eating food with family.

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Yes! Seems reasonable. I have a friend that can barely play on the Hive server anymore due to insane lag. I’ve noticed most AFK players are on for hours at a time. I think an inactivity kick would be reasonable and help with lag!

It’s annoying in treasure wars for example when your teamate is AFK on the gold gen but I can’t think of any other situation that being AFK could be a problem. In many games, it would just give you a free kill. Also, I haven’t experienced lag caused by AFK players but that could just be me. Also, in hide & seek, you kind of have to not move because it’s the whole point of the game.


I agree, in other games as well. Especially in murder mystery when the murderer or sheriff role is AFK.

he means in the hub

murder mystery has an afk kick feature

that is probably because they have a very low end device and is playing with high settings

because hive is one of the least laggiest servers

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I know, I’ve just realized that it’s very possible that a role is AFK, and ruins the game. In other games, even if it is a “free kill” it still kind of ruins the game, for me at least. When trying to play a game i want to play a game not win off of “free kills.”

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usually its just 1 or 2 players who are AFK , and murder mystery already has an afk kick feature so there’s no need to worry about afk roles

Sure in games there is only 1 or 2, but out of only 15 players is still a lot. In the hub, at spawn you cant even read player names because there’s too many people a block.

I mean, the solution to that is to send afk players to the hub, not kick them from the server

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if you are looking for a person who is not afk then they would move out of that block
why do u want to read afk player names

Is this for games? if so then I agree however for hubs I think you should be allowed to afk

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