AFK kick for jb

sort of like the murder mystery afk kick, if u dont vote for the whole round u get put in the hub, (reporting a build will not get u kicked for afk)


I think a better solution would be moving you to the hub & not showing your build if you didn’t place any blocks, as people voting anything on afkers build is what gets them xp. This would stop them from getting any xp, and it wouldn’t waste the time of the other players by forcing them to vote on an empty plot.


I actually came on the forums to suggest this idea- I think an AFK kick for JB after 1 or 2 minutes of not moving as well as not showing their build in the voting section would be lovely.


It appears some people are gettings to the top of the leaderboards through AFKing

I was shown this by @HannahZard24

I think there should be more light shed on this problem, and I believe that BlazeDrake’s solution would be best


this needs to be added,
people farming xp is not good

This really needs to be added it annoys me bc sometimes people vote love on someone who doesnt build anything and they get xp from afking

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