Adding Water Buckets

(Sorry if this post is a dupe, I am pretty sure that it isn’t, but if it is please flag the post.)

So as the title says, I am suggesting to add water buckets to BW. But not exactly that.

This would be placeable (one-time use) flowing water, so you could use it for clutching but it wouldn’t stay for long at all. It could also be used as a way to distract enemies while escaping, but without being too annoying.

I think it should be flowing water as it would be very irritating/OP if people could put water source blocks on their defences.

I’m saying either 15 diamonds or 4 emeralds for the cost, please say if you have a better price as I’m not too great with prices.

Thanks for reading! :smile:

Can’t you only build up like 5 blocks before taking damage for being too high up?


True, but if your low health it is still useful for clutching.


Don’t Fall Boots do the same thing though? :thinking:


Yeah but they mean your wearing gold boots instead of diamond.

Also arent water buckets SUPER annoying


I don’t really see how they could be annoying with flowing water.

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I agree with @ZapOLightnin. Fall boots do the exact same thing, but you don’t have the added risk of missing your clutch.

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But mining blocks would be harder since your always moving.

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