Adding UHC to the HIVE Bedrock?

Putting UHC in the Hive Bedrock

Adding UHC would probably be for me a interesting idea since I haven’t seen any server that has added UHC to their server so it would probably good for the sake of the server

It can also bring people a sort of new style of pvp were you get the stuff yourself instead of buying it or getting it through chests

Could probably bring in player heads to make gapples

That would but it’s not on the forums roadmap


Hello there! This suggestion is good, but has been posted multiple times before. next time, use the search function besides the menu button to search if your topic has been suggested before! :slight_smile:


something not being on the roadmap doesn’t mean it’s not getting added. That’s why there is a #suggestions option on your post. But as @Yhiwbagah said this has obviously been suggested before


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