Adding /reconnect

Adding of “/reconnect” feature

U may ask why to add this feature and what is the need to add it?

Don’t worry I will tell

So this feature is the most important for a bigger server which have minimum 5000 players online.
This feature is meant to reconnect you the last game which you where playing but disconnected because of your internet and as a stats grinder this sucks

For eg: bedwars had and bug where the bed weren’t destroyed even if the player left this big could be changed into a feature by allowing players to do “/reconnect bed”. To inform players about this feature hive would show some msg like they do in Skywars like “redstone gives extra hearts”

Like this is complicated but like you need to join the game under 2 minutes but if your bed is already destroyed then u cannot join the game

In Skywars solos ,u need to join under 2 minutes but in Skywars teammates u can only join if your teammates are alive

This example goes for all PvP gamemode but non PvP gamemode s can be excluded

If you disconnected from a game, the game would count you as eliminated, meaning if you’ve managed to reconnect to the same game, you would be a spectator

The thing is, people might could use it as an unfair advantage. Meaning, if there’s one player left and the player dies but another player reconnects, the game would still continue.

/reconnect for BedWars is a good idea though. You wouldn’t know if you’re going to get kicked from the game because you’re away from your keyboard (AFK).

/reconnect for SkyWars, I think it would be great if it would only apply if the game is in Warmup state but not AFTER Warmup state


Only one of these can be true. If you need to know why, just think about it. If reconnecting makes you into a spectator, then the game won’t continue if you reconnect.

Anyway, it’s a good idea so voted!

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