Adding Particles when using Leap (DR)

I think Hive should add some cool particles when runners are using their leap in DeathRun. This would bring some new things to unlock.
/!\ First please make more levels !
I know this is being worked on. (In future DR updates)

Here are some particles suggestions :

Critical Hit Particle - Level 2
Lava Particle - Level 6
Fire Particle - Level 10
Bubble Particle - Level 13
Portal Particle - Level 17
Villager Happy Particle - Level 21
Those are just my suggestions, but you can change some things, or

Don’t click this

Simply don’t add them :octopus:

The particles would be shown when player is leaping, and would follow him/her when in the air. They would stop when player hits the ground.

Like this idea ?

  • I love this idea !
  • Hmmm No
  • Nah It will cause lag on some devices

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This is cool and all, but tbh the current DR minigame already has a ton of particle effects in the gameplay itself. Everyone already has their potion particle effects when running and adding even more particles when leaping (which people do ALOT) will just make the gameplay REALLY hard to see due to them.

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They are going to make it so that you can toggle player visibility. Particles could also be hidden this way.

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Oh really? Then I guess this suggestion could work…? Tbh since leaps are just done in a second, I doubt having particles would be that great since like I said, it’s only for a second and you can’t really see your particles in that short amount of time. Plus, you can already see alot of particles behind you when you are running (which is most of the time in a game) so imo, don’t really need it.

Anyways, if you were to ask: maybe the leap particles would be cool for others behind you to see when you leap, still isn’t really a good reason since the whole point of most cosmetics is for YOU to see and enjoy them.

um the point of cosmetics is to make you look cool? not for you to admire them?

Particles can disappear quickly.

True, though in cases like DR particle trails you can boty constantly look at and admire them as long as you’re moving around and in F5 mode AND be able to look cool flashing your new colour variation that you unlocked from the levels ^^

We’ve added leap effects :slight_smile:

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