Adding lights out to MM

So basically the murderer can get a item that gives all innocents and the sherif the darkness effect. The effect will take place for 10 seconds and with a 75 second cool down

So just making mm become among us, I would rather not


Actually it should be other way round, Every minute one darkness spell spaqna somewhere on map which a player can pick and use

I think this would be a good feature in Murder Mystery custom servers, so people could choose whether they want to play that way or not.


i mean murder mystery is a bit repetitive so adding features like this could make the game more enjoyable to play


On the contrary, I love this idea. The murderer already has a high chance of being caught and this could really balance out the game. Voted! :relaxed:

Only if you think it’s among us. Making people blind isn’t just an among us thing, and it’s been done countless times before. Instead, try thinking of how it could be used in game, and even imagine the usefulness if YOU used it. Of course, your opinion, but not everything needs to be tied to… that game.

I definitely agree! I think, like the knockback fish in Nemo Slap custom servers being toggleable, you should be able to choose if you want extra items or not.

I love this! There could also be some darkness areas in some maps?

I agree with this, it would be fun to see it on custom servers so if we wanted to use it we can.

isnt among us literally a murder mystery though

That actually kinda like copying amoung us :scream: