Adding fireballs to treasure wars

before you guys say ahhhhhhhh dupe suggestion i thought you knew this unikern i’m gonna say reasons why this would be beneficial

are you even in squads, and you’re alone and the other team has a massive bed defense? i don’t see any1 winning that 1v4 lol (unless they’re trash) fireballs would be great in this situation.

before everyone goes like “bruh they’d be too op” no they wouldn’t lol
fireballs would mainly break wood and wool and occasionally blocks mined with a pickaxe. the team could make them cost diamonds to once again, add an incentive to use diamonds
maybe 10-15 diamonds for one?

not only would this be useful for many offensive strategies (destroying treasure defense, damaging opposite team members, etc) it could also have defensive strategies!

someone rushing you? fireball. someone hiding under map? fireball. (but u should also report) skybaser? fireball (report first tho) those people that always bridge up when rushing you coughmecough fireball

the fireball is very versatile and these are a few reasons why I would like them added to tw
thank you for coming to my ted talk

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Yes, please


I like the idea! :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, it could be a great way to get a team’s treasure if they’re constantly punching you everywhere cough me in every game of squads cough


As long as they aren’t easy to get, I’m ok with this


Nice Idea! Though I would want Fireballs to be purchased with Emeralds, maybe from 3-5 Emeralds :thinking:

I wouldn’t want players never going to mid and just shoots you with Fireballs and just fall off the map


Well, most players don’t even go to the diamond gen. A lot go to mid though. It’s more about finding a larger use for diamonds than emeralds right now.


But think about the difficulty of the game though, it will be so much easier to rip other players treasures.
Perhaps they could add armor enchantments and potions that uses diamonds.

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Lets keep it not complicated in TW and only have the stuff right now.

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they wouldn’t add this for months
they literally take months after an announcement to release an update because they need to perfect it


Developers need to be extremely careful on what things to add to the games in the server. Mistakes could mean thousands of players


also if you guys didn’t realize fireballs don’t break treasures

that would be stupid op


if this gets added in the content update i’ll do an elbow reveal


Make sure they are not to expensive like 4 diamonds

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nah they can be spammed more easily