Adding capes to your locker

Adding capes to your locker in Minigames

As you may already know, Death Run has capes in your locker for reaching a certain level. Every other minigame should also have capes as a thing in your locker for reaching a level. If you have any questions let me know :v:

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i think i watched you when you played brlns

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So do you want every game to have capes?

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this should be inexorable, People like capes as a unorthodoxy thing to have, and some don’t.

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That is what I am saying, yes

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He’s just saying welcome :))
I also think this might be a good idea!

Don’t reply just to say that, if you see an issue flag it, samfestive


I don’t really think every game should have capes.

In fact I don’t like that DR has unlockable capes. I like the cap I have on and don’t want a different one.

hm yeah me too, i think people just like the style of capes to play games with so it makes them be even more sweaty or better?

that’s alright, everyone has their opinions.