Adding boomboxes to TW

these boomboxes would he like the self KB box. 5 diamond. It can help people kill other people who all glitch, so they don’t have to wait or lose the game. I think this would be a good addition to the game, and would make it a but more interesting to all players. you could have new traps, insane plays, and super cool kills. this is just my idea what everyone else’s opinion on it???

edit: I mean like the normal Boom box from skywars, and maybe a few more like the fire boom box. the hive could even invent a name one.

Self KB Boombox is already in tw


kb and block breaker boomboxes are already in tw.

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This needs to be categorized as #suggestions so people can vote!

Also like everyone else said there are KB and block breaker boom boxes in TW


I think that @scottish_Ry_87 was trying to say that these would be like the self KB boombox in that it would cost 5 diamonds (it costs four, but anyways), and wasn’t actually trying to suggest the addition of KB boomboxes to TW. Maybe I’m wrong, IDK