Add XP Rewards Based on Time Survived in the LTM


Add XP rewards that are given out periodically based on your time survived in the Block-Drop LTM.

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Currently it feels as though XP gains are somewhat slow in Block-Drop, and games are easily lasting the entire duration of the game with little to no XP gains. This results in players walking around and crouching around the map doing nothing for 4-5 minutes.

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Honestly, this would be good if Block Drop didn’t just end when the second-last person falls. This would work much better if they made it so when the game ends, it’s when the winner falls which could end up being possibly 10 minutes. Still, for the players that don’t go in first, this would be a wonderful idea, thus, you got my vote!

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you get exp when people die

I do agree with this. I think that you should get a tiny amount of xp for each block you break, to encourage people to run around instead of slowly moving from block to block.


We have implemented a 10 XP reward for every 150 blocks stood on/broken :slightly_smiling_face: