Add “Updated!” Above the Death Run NPC

Currently, anyone who isn’t following the hive socials are completely unaware of the new Death Run Update.

Simple idea: put the word “Updated!” above the deathrun npc

I don’t know what else to put here lol :sunglasses:


Fr. I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t signed up for the buzz newsletter


I swear they had updated over skywars when they added the ember sword and crumbling cobblestone lol

Edit: that’s gotta be a record for the fastest post to be accepted (18h)

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They Could Also Put These There Aswell:
“New Maps”
“35 More Levels”

Wait did it get more lvls

Yeah, The Max has gone from 40 to 75

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Oh, im only 11…

Don’t Worry, I Just Got To Level 28

This is planned.