Add TNT to destroy map blocks

Idea : A TNT would be useful to destroy some of the blocks of the map.

More information : When A hider gets killed, he turns to a Seeker. Everytime a hider gets killed, he will receive a TNT. If he places the TNT, it would ignite automatically.

The TNT acts as a normal vanilla TNT. It explodes both artificial blocks (hiders blocks) and map blocks (houses, group of blocks like granite, stairs, walls…)

It would destroy some blocks, so it would make hunting easier for Seekers (and give them a chance to win). It would also destroy some walls, and elements of the map, so it makes the map clearer and easier to play on.

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There could be the problem of making some areas impossible to get to therefore causing some hiders to be completely invincible.


please don’t, this would cause too much mayhem

What if they added it as a perk lime in mineplex also with a 45sec delay per TNT and the destroyed blocks probably rebuild themselves

Search it on Mineplex

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I think it’s a good way to avoid unreachable areas. If nothing is done to balance the game, seekers would never win any game. Also there is a quest « win as seeker » that is barely possible…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about tnt, it’s that @sonicjo_fire_ho doesn’t like it