Add TNT but with types

If we only added normal TNT to treasure wars it will remain lame, just having the ability to break blocks, but if we added TNT with types and different prices for each, ex: Destroyer TNT: 5 gold, Knockback TNT: 3 gold, and extra, will make the TNT more used, because it will have more uses. Thank you HIVE for the great experience, and people that read this post. :smiley:

this post is gonna keep me up at night

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This is already being added in the new update


Hello there and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:
Currently we have 2 types of TNTs:-

  • Knockback boombox for 2 emeralds ( will launch you from island to island)
  • block breaker Boombox for 5 emeralds (which breaks blocks as the name suggests)

All these TNTs have been moved to “speical category” if you were wondering


hello and welcome, have you not tried out preview update?
@Hlzyzptlk please lock this suggestion