Add the egg reaction back

So I recently saw some old posts and saw people reacted with an :egg: so why is it removed? We should add it back if this a dupe please tell me

[Include any other information that you think is relevant here]

If this is a dupe or the egg was abused in some way dont ban me Im new so I just wanna egg react ok lmao

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I cant be bothered to check for a dupe someone else will do that but it was used to replace the dislike reaction and was too negative


Oh it was a dislike? Oh I thought it was just a meme :egg:

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This is already a dupe, but I wouldnt worry too much. ClankStar closed the old one as the community didnt want negative emojis.


Oh ok ty I didnt know it was a dislike thing I just thought it was an egg


Same tbh. I had to do some research lol.

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It was a meme, but it was then used as a dislike button in a fun way宇bh I hope it comes back (as well as the dislike reaction) but it would be used on a lot of specific users


specific users lets be real, we all will just see Shubbles post and go well this seems like a good time to use eGg

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I mean he is replying constantly, but then is not like he is posting in every single topic, so you guys shouldnt be targeting the egg reaction at him. Also I dont find him annoying, you guys are probably not used to seeing him on the forums every day

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mate, joke (sorta). also how could we possibly not be used to seeing him every, single, day.

I mean he is usually more active at night according to my timezone and only posts in the forums games. Also he doesnt really have a discord account, so the forums is the only place for him to chat with others

Yea I see him all the te but he seems nice idk why people dont like him hes really nice from what Ive known and hes very active on forums lol


and ur in singapore, the other side of the world to america.

he posts every other post all the time, and in forum games specifically.
tell me, do forum games really have any place on the hive forums? kinda reminds me of why they removed general chat, because it was off-topic to the hive, and well 99% of the forum games are off-topic to the hive. so yeah, they should at the very least get a limit, as i had suggested here, or get removed entirely.

i flagged my own forum game last letter of a forum user because whilst i had it on mute like every other forum game, i read over the replies for it at one point and noticed that shubble was a very frequent poster, and i was seeing things like this fsr

cant tell me thats not annoying
tell me, would you rather non-spammy hive discussion topics in your feed, or spammy forum games that have nothing to do with the hive in ur feed? and spoilers: there is a correct answer
also take a look at this which was sent to me by hudson at around midnight ur time today

  1. within the span of 5 minutes
  2. its shubble whos the most recent poster every time.
    anyways hope you all understand now

also, just a tip to everyone, if you dont like seeing shubble in ur homepage, put forum games on mute. lotpw and pyrph have been closed, so theres no real reason to have forum games not on mute anymore
did i leave, or not? eh whatever, ill just post replies i think need to be said, such as this one2


I am not from india

oh wait ur in well im not 100% sure but all i know is that youre in asia, and that still proves my point and all that matters

i only guessed india as i thought i had remembered you saying that before

you in singapore?

yes indeed

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nowadays I feel like the :clap: is kinda turning into that


the :sob: was also that for a bit.

so uh besides the spamming, is there any more reasons why you guys hate shubble. Or maybe if you guys want, I can try to pm shubble on the forums, and suggest him to just try to reply to 1 to 3 forum games per week, and limit to only 2 to 3 replies per game

if not, maybe we can work it out by recommending him not to reply too much in the forums in a nicer way, instead of hating him

i- first of all, none of us hate them. second, what i said was a joke. why would i unnecessarily dislike someones post?

the only other thing which personally annoys me about them, apart from excessive posting, is unnecessary posting, like, just boring posts which dont need to be there. something which youll scroll past and wont look back on, ygm?

you dont need to do that, theyll see this and if theyre smart theyll take something from it.

yeah, not a big deal, like Sir Joe said.

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