Add team color to Instant TNT

The blue team should get blue TNT and the red team should get red TNT. This would be helpful because you often don’t know which team placed the TNT. :boombox:
I really hope this isn’t a duplicate.


One question, does your team’s tnt damage you? IDK the answer haven’t played too much ctf.

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It doesn’t hurt your own team :slightly_smiling_face:


voted for it

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I literally thought of this idea yesterday! You got my vote


Holy cow 56 votes

Since I always confused with the TNT when our teammates fighting to the enemies, my teammate placed down a TNT, I saw that and leave the battle until my teammate got a kill, my brain just like downsize into a donut (also it was my second game I played CTF). I agreed to add team color

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Vote for this amazing idea

Ohhh like a mario cart team color item concept?

True, but you can never be too sure, like what if you think it’s your teamate’s? I think instead of changing the whole color (cause that’d be confusing between slowness, poison, normal, knockback ect.), it can just change the timer color, like where it counts down :boombox:

Capture the Flag only has one boombox, the Instant TNT one. I don’t really think a dark blue boombox would be confusing. :thinking: :sweat_smile:


Ohhh, didn’t see the CTF

I was thinking about SkyWars and stuff

Vote pls why is this not added yet

It depends on the hive team/staff if they can see your suggestion and accept it as an archived idea.

Well I did just notice that it was liked by splodger so that has too mean something. :eyes:

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This would be really handy!

Hive can’t add features with the snap of a finger

It takes time and coding

As aculace said spldger alr saw this post with means they must be working on it

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This is a brilliant idea!!!

You have my vote!!!

This has been added :partying_face:


congrats on the idea being accepted!