Add tags to "/costume random"


I find it a bit annoying when I use the “/costume random” command and it gives me a summer costume in the middle of winterfest! Or a christmas costume in summer!! What if there was a separate command so that costumes with a speciafic tag are chosen! For example “/costume random christmas” would select s christmas themed costune from those which had been tagged as that theme!!
This idea was suggested by @masonmasterbot

Then it’s not random, maybe make a different command


That literally ruins the function of the command :skull:
What would be better for ur suggestion is something like an addition to the command
Such as
/costume random winter
/costume random summer
/costume random animal


maybe just make it like
/costume winter
/costume summer
/costume animal
/costume spooky

I agree with mason but back on the topic, does it really matter if you get a “summer” costume during Winterfest?

Yeah i agree with what mason says with having a different command with like a tag on the end! Hang on, i’ll edit the post!

Here’s an idea that broadens this a little bit:

Allow users to put their own tags on their costumes. This way, you could search for costumes of a certain tag, sort costumes by tag, or use /costume random [tag]. I’m unsure whether Avatars or Hub Titles would need this same feature, but for consistency’s sake I’d say add it. This could be a great improvement for the supposed Locker Improvements that are coming!

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