Add Swift Sneak Pants

Right now, SkyWars only offers leggings to be enchanted with fire protection (which is not all that helpful in my opinion). I think it would be better if there was also a chance to find leggings enchanted with Swift Sneak. This would be a big help to people (such as myself) who can’t bridge very fast.


once hive drops 1.18 support (hopefully they will never cuz im stuck on 1.18.12 because i dont want renderdragon on my phone) they might be able to add this

Ummm I don’t think swift sneak can go on pants…

edit: i was wrong my bad

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Swift sneak does go on leggings.

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They changed it to leggings

But not on pants

What does that mean?

Swift Sneak is an enchantment for leggings

(Well, in America)

What is this conversation? They’re called leggings in UK and America last I checked. (Here too but I don’t think anyone talking rn is Irish)

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I’ll argue swiftness spell already does the job very well in terms of making you move faster. Also kb boombox and pearl also gives you more distance to cover in the game.

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But maybe for like beginners

This would be good for people who bridge slowly. And for yeah, sneaking fast.

I want this but swift sneak is on 1.19☹️

As masterjim said there really is no point to this since swiftness books exists

Great idea! It would be very helpful for players that can’t bridge well. It may also be helpful for traps and such things along that line. But could be a problem with prolonging games, I don’t think so though.

Also its weird seeing people compare it to swiftness book because swift sneak isn’t used to run away?? It only makes you faster while sneaking which would still be slower than running.

Swift sneak won’t add too much of a difference. Most probably sneaking is unnecessary in terms of skywars gameplay.

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Yes, but you could use the swift sneak for bridging aswell, why add an item that is identical to another without a feature.

Weird example, but if you ever watch a review of New Super Mario Bros Wii, people always will point out, “Why have the ice flower if the penguin suit is just better” or something along those lines.

I wasn’t going to comment this originally because I thought people would understand Jim’s point, but I guess people don’t understand game design.

+It would be harder to get the swift sneak than a swiftness book (unless you have my luck where one time I got no enchantment book 11 TIMES IN A ROW, which if there’s a 2/3 chance of no book, that’s pretty fecking low) Before you complain about profanity, saying fecking is the same as fricking or flipping in Ireland

The whole point of them would be for bridging. Sneaking while bridging is super slow but its the only way some know how to bridge. It won’t be a big change but would help people who can’t bridge well, making the game more enjoyable for newer players. I like to call this type of bridging, “safe bridging,” because its impossible to fall unless you get hit. Also it could be common, making it be able to spawn in regular chest on iron or chain leggings. Spell of swiftness is mostly used to run away so it would still be useful because swift sneak would actually make it harder to run away unless you hide. They would be very different from each other. Kinda like how snowballs and arrows are, they could be used for the same thing but have their own special things.

Well, I know for almost certain that they wouldn’t have enchanted leggings in the starting chests, since emeralds (enchanted ore) exists

And that isn’t a great comparison, because arrows do damage and go further but are much slower to shoot, whereas snowballs are faster to throw but do no damage and don’t go as far

With these the difference is that swift sneak can only give a speed boost while crouched, so they’re objectively worse than the swiftness spell, so if people struggle with bridging that much, they should just get a swiftness spell, which can also be found in starting chests.

I am fully aware that you can use swiftness spell to escape, but I’m not sure why you point that out because that is actually a good piece of game design, do you want to use it to bridge or to escape. Having swift sneak removes that choice and makes the “meta” less varied.

One of the first rules of good game design is giving players more choice on how to tackle things. Removing this restricts the player on how to approach different situations, which in turn will make the game more boring. In rocket league for example, while on paper giving every player practically the same stats and abilities with no option to change sounds boring, but the choice on how to approach the situations in it is what keeps people from getting tired.

To put it bluntly, arrows and snowballs are different because they each have different pros and cons, swift sneak and swiftness spell are the same, excluding the fact that a swiftness spell is objectively better and adding swift sneak removes the choice, and good game design aspects