Add OG maps in SG

Add OG maps in SG.

More info:
It would be pretty cool if these old SG maps, will be in this server:
-Holiday resort;
-Zone 85;
-Par 72;
-Breeze island 1/2;


and welcome to the forums @SpringTick7557

i sont play sg im lvl 4 in it and i get tired of the still maps you get my vote for sure


Thank you for your vote @GamingLegend537!!

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Hello, I would like to agree with this suggestion! There are only a few survival games maps and when I played it, I was very much bored of the selection. The idea of introducing new old maps would be really cool!

As I mentioned, I got really bored of survival games due to the selection of maps however this can be changed into introducing new maps and possibly old ones.

However, I am not expecting any “Survival Games” update for a while as it hasn’t been updated for god knows how long ago. Furthermore I still agree!

This is just an opinion

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Thank you for your vote @Crystal_Hallows !! What I can say? Just hope we’ll get an update!

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Pleasure dude.

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i would love this too, but i think i read somewhere that they cant add all of these, if any at all because

they dont have the map files anymore

the maps were purchased and/or built by builders that are no longer apart of the hive and they no longer have the rights to use them

but if they can use any of them at all, i would love to see recreations of them


This is such an amazing idea!!!

Also, welcome to the formus!!!


They can simply download the maps through internet, and edit them for their needs. Technically there shouldn’t be any type of right regarding Minecraft maps, I mean you don’t need to ask at the team who build a map if you can publish it in your server, that map it’s already publish, just think about all those old Minecraft server in 1.7.10, I don’t think anyone asked for… Btw thank you for your vote @longlostvampir3 !!

Thank you for your vote @ItzPinteam !!


The Hive has said in the past that they don’t want to use these maps because it doesn’t fit their “standards”. It is still a good idea, I don’t think there is any issue with these maps, and if there is I am sure that it could be fixed with minimal effort. Honestly any content for this game mode, mediocre or not could save it from the update drought the Hive has been putting it through since day 1.