Add new items in Treasure Wars

I think that Treasure Wars is very underdone as it really needs new items to be added to the shop. I have a few suggestions that I think would make me actually want to play Treasure Wars for once as I am one of the few people who don’t like Treasure Wars.

The items I would like to be added are:
-Diamond tools (Pickaxe and axe) - Each are 5 Emeralds
-Netherite armor, sword and tools - Armor is 60 Emeralds, Sword and tools are each 10 Emeralds
-Obsidian - 8 Emeralds per 4 blocks
-Shears - Goes into the tools column and is 15 gold
-Enchantment Table (Either in the shop or at middle) - If it is in the shop, it would cost about 5 Emeralds while the enchantments would depend on the bookshelves - would also go in the special category
-Bookshelves - would cost 5 gold per 10 bookshelves and would go in the special category or the blocks category. Whatever you prefer
-Ladders - would cost about 10 gold per 16 ladders and would go in the blocks or special category. Again, whatever you prefer
-Water - would cost about 2 emeralds for 1 bucket and would go in the special category and would mainly be used for clutch saves off a fall and for treasure defence
-Lava - would cost 2 diamonds per bucket, would go in the special category and would be used for traps and wrecking bridges, but for the wrecking bridges use, you would have to put fire spreads on
-Shield - would cost about 5 diamonds for one shield and would be used for blocking arrows and melee range combat, would be in the tools category

Welcome to the forums! Before I get started talking about your suggestion, I just wanted to let you know that the Hive doesn’t like lists or dupes, so this will probably get closed by a mod anyways. Anyways, here’s what I have to say about your ideas:

All of these are dupes. Also, obby and netherite would compltely wreck the balance of he game.

This would definitely have enchantments be more balanced than most suggestions, but the bookshelves are underpriced & I just don’t like the idea of enchantments

Lava could be interesting, I don’t know if it’s necessary though. Too many items isn’t a good thing, unless all of them can be balanced against each other(which is incredibly hard to do with large sets of items, and gets harder as more are added).

Ah yes, invincibility from the front for 5 diamonds. Not to mention that offhand is buggy, but still available on the hive.

Twars is meant to be fast paced, adding a grace period would ruin the game for many people. Just buy a sword early if you’re worried about rushers.


60 ems for netherite armor is way to much, you’ll have to go the whole game collecting emeralds.

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if one single thing from this list was added, besides ladders, and water, and shears, treasure wars would suck


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