Add more XP Booster types

I think it would be a nice idea to pick any game mode we would want by trading Quest points for XP Boosters. I like how we can get them for TW and Murder but… I feel like there should be one for all Games. Now that Deathrun and Skywars levels are lvl 40 and hide and seek is soon to come out with more levels. I’m sure lots of people would work for them even more than now for an XP Booster that isn’t only TW or Murder.

I hope everyone agrees with me. :slight_smile:

has no one seen the quest booster in the quest shop which you could buy for two hundred QP

or does it only work on certain games

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I don’t think universal boosters are purchasable from the quest shop for some reason.

I believed they plan to add them >w<


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Yeah, it was I and 2 other people that were discussing this which led to zWhxtDoUWxnt asking that to settle it I believe :joy: