Add more uniqueness to maps

On the map Pigment, there is a yellow square, a blue square and a red square that you can collect to get a free arrow. I would like it if every map had something unique like Pigment and it’s squares.
Please feel free to give ideas for every map.
Thanks for reading.

I love having the cubes as a map-specific and unique extra and the cubes perfectly match the theme of Pigment. I’d rather see new/other maps have different unique features such as Chroma having the three merchants, Remnants and Chroma having armor etc. Adding the cubes to all maps would make them less special.


Ok yes that’s a good idea, I never thought of that.
Should I completely edit my post to what you said?

from a gameplay perspective I disagree. Each map already has different play styles, they don’t need a powerup or buff specific to that map as well.

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There’s a lot of maps that already have something unique. Toy House has a grandfather clock, Office and Warehouse have vents, Chroma has merchants, and Manor has the bookshelves. I don’t think we really need anymore “Uniqueness”.