Add more OG Java maps to the game

This is by far the most popular suggestion for Hide and Seek on the forums based on the amount of suggestions for them and votes the suggestions get.

Quite a few of the current maps are very unpopular, specifically Harvest and Construction. There are however, lots of Java maps that were some of the most popular of all time and also suit the smaller size of the average Bedrock map to help accommodate for mobile players.

Although old, these maps still resemble the current design pattern of Hid and Seek maps and have aged very well.

Some examples of popular smaller maps are:


Animal Village


The other popular maps are bigger however, but I believe they could still be very popular in the server. These are:





yeah sure it is :aggressive_laughter:

Not really construction is one of my favorite maps and harvest is pretty good too (very good for running as a hider lol)


Your not wrong, Hive should bring over alot of their Java maps but they said before, they dont own some of those maps because they were fan submissions or something.


This comes up every so often, just posting this here again!


It mentions you brought a range of your most popular Java maps, but to be honest I didnt even remember that a lot of them were from Java, only ones I recalled were Town Square and Pripyat

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That is true, however im pretty sure the super old ones like Hotel and Animal Village weren’t fan submissions since Animal Village was super early, and Hotel was in the first batch of maps for Hide and Seek. Unless they had a community mapmaking project for the upcoming game which could be possible.

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Some Java maps (I would include Animal Village), I believe were better suited for the 24 player lobbies found in the Java server as opposed to the smaller 16 player lobbies now(but some Bedrock maps like Harvest are way too big at the moment tbh :frowning_face:).

Also, I would hope that some map builders would update certain Java maps to satisfy the Hive’s ‘higher standards’ but I doubt that’s going to happen judging by the 6 brand new bedrock exclusive maps released last September or so.

We NEED hotel back tho, that map MADE hns for me omgg


Yeah Hotel really made Hide and Seek, was easily the most popular of all the maps.

As for 16 player lobbies, I honestly find them too small, too many people want to be seeker and half the game gets themselves killed before its 30 seconds in.


hotel was popular because it was impossible to win as a hider as everyone knew every spot and running was hard. same as hospital, which i always called hotel anyway. it’s still in the game as far as i’m concerned

not as awful as hearthstone village but it’s probably the map i want the least


Seekers can learn every spot on every map though. Also running isn’t something map builders focus on when creating maps anyways, maps that are too large simply do not fit well in Bedrock as they did in Java, if you find it difficult to run try changing your route or play a game that is better suited for it.

Lol they both have similar colour schemes and names but their layouts are quite unique from one another

^ A rather poor screenshot of Hotel, but this is what the sort of “kitchen” area looked like.

Lost for words… this map was gorgeous and fun to hide AND seek on.

^ Hearthstone Village


the only reason why hotel was voted was because it was an easy and very familiar map to sweat on, not because it was good. that was my point.
also i play what i want the way i want and it’s none of your business. there are plenty of people who play to run, so builders should adapt and make it possible for hiders to stand a chance against a single good seeker. there are definitely maps where you can do that even now, so they might as well bring back balanced maps and make more people happy.

i don’t remember hiders ever winning in hearthstone village except for once (and even then there was a single person left), and i played a lot of hide. absolute meme that should and most likely will never see the light of day again


It was good because it was fun to hide and seek on, as well as being a well structured and aesthetically pleasing map. It was voted by those who liked to seek AND hide on it. Like every other map in the game, someone can learn all the spots on it. Hotel wasn’t anywhere near as popular as Venice Bridge or Pineapple Port (amongst other maps) so I’m not sure why you’re singling it out.

To continue on from what I stated previously:

Map builders did not think of runners largely because they basically did not exist on Java as it was essentially shamed for being ‘annoying’ and ‘wasting time’ while also being the least interesting way to play the game given that hider mechanics were way more interesting than they are currently. (Jump/Dropsolid, buyable blocks, block levels, more interesting taunts, etc). I’m sure you remember these since you stated you have played Java before.

I can understand that running DOES exist on bedrock, but rather than creating maps that accomodate for runners (which doesn’t make sense for a game named “Hide and Seek”) we should instead make hiding a more fun way of playing by incorporating many of Hive Java’s hiding functionalities like the one’s I have listed. Therefore making the game more balanced for Hiders and Seekers alike.

Hiders would be turned into seekers and win that way anyways (unless someone was cheating/ooming). Hider’s did not need to win as a Hider on Java to get a lot of block XP or a lot of wins for that matter. Every hider main I knew wouldn’t mind being killed as long as they were the last hider, so “losing as a hider” wasn’t an issue for players unless you were inexperienced, unlucky or new.


Yes I agree entirely… If hiding is neither viable nor compelling then clearly there are larger issues at play than just the maps… I do not think it’s an outrageous idea to suggest that hiding and seeking should be the focus in Hide and Seek.

I’d also argue that while the majority of maps ought to be balanced, having some maps that cater towards either seekers or hiders provides more diversity of gameplay and overall balance.