Add more building blocks in Just Build/fix the glitch when placing walls


More building blocks in Just Build

More information:

If this is suggested, please fix the glitch when placing walls in Just Build, it appears to be distorted and now turns back to normal.

Hey, welcome! :wave: The issue where walls don’t properly connect is already known, and is being tracked here. If you would like to suggest more blocks for JustBuild, you can suggest some here! :ok_hand:



Well, that’s not what Im saying. When I place a wall, the texture will become like dirt-like texture and now becomes normal.

Could you provide a screenshot/video of this happening? I would suggest making a bug report in #server-bug-reports if you can :ok_hand:

Well I can’t play Minecraft because this phone has no Minecraft. Later I will send a vid of it. Thank you.

I would like to add one more thing
You can suggest the blocks you would like to see here;- Block Suggestions

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I posted it but the mods needs to check my wall texture glitch post before putting it public.


@Sheila this can be closed :+1:

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