'Add Friend' in Party Menu

Make it so that whenever you go to your party and go to ‘Manage Players’ and click on a players name, there is a “Add Friend” button so you can add someone in your party as a friend.

This already exists

No it doesn’t.

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Ohh now I understand

Actually in that suggestion they said "the party menu should have a new option called “View Party Members”. Which is already an addition. Besides in their suggestion they didn’t provide that much information. In this suggestion, they should consider this idea because it can be hard to friend someone especially people with spaces in their names. So another idea is to be able to have an ‘Add friends’ option in your menu AFTER clicking / or tapping (whichever device you’re on) the “Party Members”.

It only matters if a suggestion has another suggestion somewhere in it. (Dupe)

Also, it wouldn’t make a difference if the GUI was named “View Party Members” or “Party Members”

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