Add Fireflies In The Hive Hub

Fireflies in the hive hub

fireflies got cancelled because fireflies are poisonous to frogs… but what if, fireflies got added in the hive? i think it would be a success, and it will add ambiance in the hub to make it aesthetic! I think this would attract more players in the hive!

Its the other way round


i just want fireflies to add ambiance in the hive hub :>

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I don’t really see this happening because the hive mascot is… a bee


I like the idea

I don’t think fireflies is the best addition they could add considering fireflies don’t do that much purpose rather than fly and possibly lag some poor players.



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they added ducks in the hive sooo, fireflies can

i think fireflies can be turned on using command

nice one :joy::rofl:

the arcade is having the theme of a futuristic metropolis and that’s not a place where u normally find fireflies flying around like ?

I don’t really think it should be given a custom command for it. I mean fireflies should have atleast some greater purpose.

add little bees in the hive hub :slight_smile: