Add Ender Pearls to Block Drop

There isn’t a Suggestion tag for Block Drop, so I put it in anything.

Anyway, I think Ender Pearls should be added to block drop. Why? simply because someone with extremely unfortunate luck can freeze because they have bad ping, and fall through a 1 block hole all the way to the death zone. Keep in mind he should be partially AFK, with time to react and be relieved. Also, it would balance out the game, because mobile players have to use 2 vaults to get up instead of one, because the jump time is shorter than the time it takes to use the vault, as you need to hold down your finger in order to use the vault. If there were Ender Pearls however, mobile players could pearl up, then vault. People can start with one Pearl each at the start, and/or it can be a pretty rare power-up that people can get. It also helps because people like to nemo me on the very edge so I hit the barrier blocks and have literally no hope of getting back on the map.

Let me know what you think.

Vaults are kind of a week version of an ender pearl. I don’t think they should add ender pearls, just add a powerup that makes the vault more powerful. Although we already have jump boost, which does make the vault more powerful



start holding down before you press jump


true eth

Thank you for the tip! I’ll try that

the same applies to leaping in deathrun for more distance and jumping when throwing a pearl

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Thats actually a good suggestion

I think that this is a good idea! I just think that maybe they should make it so that the levels are a bit lower so that there isn’t an issue with vaulting up a level or having to use two vaults on mobile.

I believe that swapping the sneak and jump button would help.

It may not be useful for you but it’s a very helpful feature for mobile players (in my opinion). :slightly_smiling_face:

Despite the explanation of how mobile players actually can get up a level using one vault, I still think an ender pearl would be a very cool item to add to the game. Perhaps not everyone begins with one, but it could be a power-up. My reasoning is that while you can make it up one level with a vault, you theoretically could make it up several with an ender pearl. Likewise, if you were to get trapped on an edge to far to jump with a vault, you could still possibly make it out with an ender pearl. Imagine the clutches people could have after falling to certain death just to launch an ender pearl to save themselves. I like this suggestion a lot… for different reasons lol :slight_smile: . I think it is too OP for everyone to spawn with one. It would have to be a very rare power-up. This would give people even more reasons to go after power-ups as well. You have my vote :slight_smile: - although for a limited time game, I don’t know if this would be worthwhile.