Add Duels as a new minigame

In my personal opinion i think its a good idea to add duels so its easier for new players and players in general to practice since kb in hive is a bit different

Example of duels they can add


-Pot pvp, but since hive doesnt use potion maybe replace the instant health potion with the spell of life book. Plus its also not stackable which makes it more suitable as a replacement for the potion.

-UHC type duels, and again since hive doesnt use buckets maybe replace them with flint and steel and cobweb

-Normal duels, which include snowballs, blocks and bow

I know you can just make customserver for this but it would be easier to fight againts players and just practice with the hive kb

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Hey!:wave: This has already been suggested. Use the :mag: before suggesting next time! Welcome to the forums, we have many small creators around here like you :slight_smile:


If you want the og post i think this is it: Adding Duels For PVP Practice/Competitive


I feel like this won’t be added because of the fact that it’s already been in different servers. Hive focuses on making unique content for their players.