Add "Discussion" Category

Idea: Add a Discussion Category.

The discussion category is pretty self-explanatory but you use it to talk about the game or other thing you’re posting about and/or issues you have about it. Also, so I don’t get crap from ppl bc my post is not a suggestion even though there’s no other logical choice.
It’d also work like the half and half icon with suggestions but a different color than suggestions where I suggest the discussion color is yellow because its my favorite color. This only occurs if your talking about a game. If its about hub or general, then it should be full yellow.

The hive forums has been updated and has removed all of these types of categories.

The original post can be found here: Forum Changes 08/06/2022
(Contains the reason why)

Forum moderation also added a huge amount of work for our volunteer moderators. We’d rather that they be able to focus their efforts on The Hive itself, and our Discord server, and ensure that they are as fun, and above all, safe, as they can be.

Our Discord server is a great place to get involved in Hive-related discussions. Whether you want to discuss one of our games, or just talk about The Hive more generally, our Discord server has dedicated channels for all of this!

Source: Forum Changes 08/06/2022

As has been mentioned, we have intentionally removed all general discussion categories. We currently have no plans to bring them back.