Add better visibility to supply drops

supply drops currently are “hidden” and have no way to identify where the supply drop is or where its going. If you do not see the lightning than tough luck. if everyone could see the drop regardless of there position on the map. it would function how it is designed. to draw players to one point. But even with this some players are unable to see this because their render distance would be too far away form the chunk.

so to solve this problem you could either
A. give a map to players and display where the drop is on the map
B. give the players a compass to point towards the drop

Either of these options function the same way just to give SOME indicator of where it will be.

Edit1: removed close range visibility suggestions

Lightning already spawns above where supply drops will land.

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That still does not solve the problem of when your outside the chunk that the drop is in, If its not rendered There is no way of seeing that.


yeah it is kind of annoying also hi thanpixel

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Yeah that’s actually a good point. If more players know where they’ll drop it would bring more people to one area.


I love your suggestion! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the lightning strikes from like a third of the way across the map lol

Not everyone has a expensive pc some people have lower end devices and have to have a lower render distance and therefore they cannot see it
I’ve had games where nobody sees the lightning because it’s on the far corner of the map and I run into it loaded with stuff this would solve all of those problems

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pretty sure 16 chunks solves the problem and I dont have a super fancy pc, only a laptop

unless u on PE

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idk I’ve ran the game at 60fps on pretty low end devices(4 year old Samsung galaxy s8(definitely not the lowest of lows), 10 year old pc using the integrated graphics of an i5 2320), and I think on servers everyone is forced to be at the same render distance so idrk if render distance matters in this context

sad pc user not being able to get 64 chunk render distance noises…

You can now track supply drops with the player tracker :slightly_smiling_face:

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