Add an Option to Mute Player Chat & Add /msg


Add an Option to Mute Player Chat & Add /msg

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Firstly, I saw another suggestion by @L0neDwell3r about muting specific players, but I would like to be able to mute all chat by players as well as specific players.

For me, chat is not useful at all really, it’s mostly just kids talking and being kind of annoying. I wish I could just mute chat, except for server messages and game information. (e.g. like what role you are in MM or how many players are in a game lobby.) I wish players could also message you, like if you have chat muted, but you need to talk to a staff member, or want to talk to a specific player without interruptions from chat. Maybe also add a /ignore a player, which would block you from seeing their chat messages and messages from /msg. I just wish I didn’t have to see all those annoying messages in chat, that’s all.

[cough] Mute Chat option on Chat Settings… [cough]

Sounds like you don’t realize it mutes all messages, even the ones by the server


Yeah, it mutes all messages sent in the chat just like @BlueSlimeMC said . I don’t use it for that reason.


And it mutes everyone, so MrAnnoying,XxT0x1cxZ, are muted, but your chill friend can’t talk to you ingame, a /mute and /ignore are essential, and the hive is lacking that. So yeah


/msg isn’t allowed due to microsoft’s rules

Rules stating what?

some privacy rules, idk

but it’s quite dumb—why can’t you do this?

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“To allow more thorough moderation of these servers”

A plugin that makes private messages visible to admins isn’t hard to make.


Ok got it. That makes sense.

/msg is an already existing command in Minecraft.

So it’s not “against the rules”.

Usage: /msg target:Player message:Message

it is against the rules on featured servers to “enhance moderation”


oh ok