Add a Targeting option to reports

So when your a famous YOUTUBER in the hive, you will most likely get targeted in hive skywars :neutral_face::rage: and it will cause you to smash your belongings :skull:,

But when you try to report it, there is no “Targeting” option, so add a targeting option to the report options, because most people likely target you when your famous on the hive, and “Targeting” option in the reports is maybe a good option :smile:.

You can report players that are targeting you on the hive discord :))

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I challenge you to a du du du duplicate post

Report for targetters

Archived because it already exists

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I believe it’s not an option because you need evidence of it over multiple games and reporting in-game only really shows that one game as evidence so reporting on the discord in the “report-players” channel with the pinned format in that channel would be your best bet if you’re being targeted and have the evidence c:

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If, say, you’re playing murder mystery and the murderer runs by 10 other people and chases you around the map for a minute before killing you, then I believe that there is enough evidence to classify it as targeting in just that one game. But also, it is reportable iirc.