Add a new variant of SG

The variant should make grace period longer(1min)
And also should take some more time to deathmatch (15mins)
And also should make loot more OP.
Plz vote if you liked my suggestion :slight_smile:

I feel like the grace period is perfect. You have enough time to get far enough away from spawn and into a good spot. 1 minute would def be too long


Wouldn’t a larger grace period be beginner friendly?
The Hive also has to consider beginners.
I don’t play SG much but when I do I get destroyed cuz I have no time to loot anything.

No matter where they go, they would still have enough time to move away from spawn

but they wouldn’t have enough time to loot anything and they will get destroyed by advanced players.

A minute is a bit too long in my opinion…
The timing we have now is okay where it is, yes I would like more time but maybe this time is better for everyone at the time it is now <3 :slight_smile:


That doesn’t mean we have to change it just for new players


I edited it to say 45 secs.
Because I think that’s perfect.

As I can relate to this since I don’t play sg very often either, Yes there are going to be better players who like to follow people after the peace time is over…but sadly there is nothing you can do…as seen above ^^ there is nothing you can do for new players, the only thing I can tell you to do is just practice and you’ll getter better <3 if you try :blobheart:


I changed it so pls delete you comments or edit them with your feedback on my new idea!

SG imo, is good how it is. Making the grace period longer and adding time before deathmatch would make it take longer to grind and leveling up.

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Yes, but i said add a different gamemode altogether :slight_smile:

CS SG… This would split the little players who play SG into two groups.

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15 min death match??!? that is really long!! are you just gonna trade hits without using swords the whole time?

Well if you have more time to loot then you won’t be swordless lol