Add a cityzone for us

Add cityzone so we can build something we want, we can having a great time in “neighborhood”

you mean some sort of Creative gamemode where anyone can build?

would be cool but also useless, plus many people would just build inappropriate things


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Yeah I agree with aleX3channel. People would just build inappropriate things all of the time and we already have a build game as in just build


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The hive is a mini-game server and adding this would just not fit in with the Hive. The hive also prefers fast past games and this would require an online server at all times which would not be beneficial for financial reasons.

Also as stated by @aleX3channel and @Trafficlight59, this could result in inappropriate builds that could offend many or just be inappropriate in general.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them!



Just like hudson said hive isnt really a long term gamemode server. Hive likes to keep things simple and fast.

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