Accurate Player Size in Replay

Currently, all player models in replay mode are slightly larger than their real counterparts. It’s a small change, I know, but once you see you it’s impossible to un-see, and it really does have an affect on how replays look and feel. Defiantly a petty request, but I think it’d be nice to change the current models to the accurate size they’re supposed to be representing.

Comparison of Player Size and In-Game Model:


Maybe it’s on ur pov that’s why your actual player is smaller. It’s just my theory.

wow i never noticed that. i cant unsee.

can you try other povs to see if it really exists?

It real I tried it out

I’m not certain, but there might just be some limitation of Minecraft itself that means they can’t do this, but in case there isn’t voted

I think it’s not too much of a deal if the oversizing is only a few pixels and doesn’t give too much innacuracy on your replay.

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