Accidental New Game Prevention

A popup for the “next game” item

I would say it’s somewhat a common accident when you die holding the same slot the next game item appears at and is especially annoying for when your teammates are still alive so you forcefully put them into a new game. So I am suggesting a little pop-up that appears to confirm whether you want to go into a new game or not when your teammates are still alive and it only affects the teammates in your party.

Welcome back to the forums @xLqstLxfe. Yes it is annoying sometimes when you press the new game button, but in my opinion it’s not neccesary. However, I see this as a toggle using the /toggles command! Welcome back after 3 years (:


Welcome back to the Forums! :beedance: :tada:

I love this idea, I think it should’ve been there since the start. I re queue accidentally all the time, so this would be great.

I think it wouldn’t be necessary either, but it’s just one of those little things that makes the game more playable.

That could work, though!



Ugh they changed the reply thing!

Anyways this could be cool because my friends get mad so only when inparty