About The Bridge' waiting lobby specifications

In solos and doubles, players stay in the waiting lobby with their opponents for a few seconds before the match begins.
Some players, if their opponent is strong (high level or they know they are a pro), may leave the game before the match begins, causing trouble for their opponent.
Although this game is SBMM, often there is a large difference between your level and the level of your opponent.

So I offer the following suggestions:
Within the waiting lobby before the game starts, hide our name and the level above our head and change our skin to yellow steve.

This will make it impossible to know how good the opponent is until the game starts:D

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As you know level does NOT equal skill.
Pro players may be good at comboing and such but can be manipulated by a low level since the high level could be smart/not.
And could be knocked back to the water by using a snowball and get the win.

If you are talking about another game then still, players could have karma and die, or get manipulated and die. And if you are talking about none pvp gamemodes such as MM, you could potentially strafe to avoid the arrow of a sheriff and get the kill and many other game.

Every game you can manipulate (or outsmart in simpler words) players even in such high levels. And the challenge here is knowing if your opponent is hacking or not since if there are no levels/skins then new players might think pro players have reach/autoclicker when they get combo’d.

Thats all from me, Happy Hiving! :wave:

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just crouch.


But if it’s someone you lost against, you’ll probably remember their skin and reque


Yes, I know that level and skill are not the same.
But my point was that many players judge a pro player by his level, and they leave as soon as they are matched with a high level player, regardless of whether that high level player is really good or not. Hive should try to withhold information about player’s opponent until the fight starts to prevent that.
I’m not talking about how to kill a high level player in bridge lol.

In fact, other Minecraft-servers duel have this system in place.

As I said before, after game is started, player will see our skin and gamertag. (hive is able to display our level if hive need to.) This way we can also determine if your opponent is really a hacker or not.

From reading your reply I don’t think you read my suggestion well :frowning:

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it’s already bannable, so idk why this would be necessary

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I think to crouch would be easier but I agree it’s really annoying when people leave when they join.


Even if it is prohibited, players will do it with impunity if we do not know the clear penalty.
As for how to deal with it that hive does, we need to either clarify the penalty or hide information about the opponent to solve the underlying problem.

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Well it didnt really give me info i needeed and also im a bad reader.

While it may be true that people will leave if they see a high level, and/ a pro skin, but people should know that LEVEL DOES NOT EQUAL SKILL and when they know that, they will just ignore the levels. I wish the forums would be more popular so that new players can see that level doesnt equal skill.
And how in the world are we supposed to determine if they are a hacker or not when you cant even see their skin or level-

And also just crouch

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