About Hive's mounts

I was wondering, so when you ride the mounts and there is a permission button. I was thinking, maybe there should also be a list of who is in you’re mount and you can kick them out. Because It makes it more easier, I know you guys might say," Well bro, that is what the friends only and everyone buttons are for." But lets just say my friend’s friend wants to get on my mount, but I don’t want to friend them on the Hive though. I set the permission to everyone, other people get on as well. If I set to friends then my friends friend won’t be able to go on the mount. So I think it would be pretty cool to have a list of people to kick them out of the mount or just have other people forever kicked. (This is just an idea!)

From, DiscoFan1977
To: The Hive forums


I like the idea, there can be two options, first is “Kick”, and second is “Kick and Ban for 10 minutes”.


What does that mean?

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he’s just signing off the post