Ability to Set Favorite Costumes

Add the ability to set 5 costumes as your “favorites,” and they would appear at the top with different-colored text. This would be great for people with large amounts of costumes.

Maybe do the same with hub titles and the avatars? But we don’t really change those much (ur choice idk)

Also you could have it so at the top it says:

new costumes (new costumes you’ve got in the last 7 days)

Favourites (costumes you mark as your favourite)

All Costumes (all costumes you own)


this is a good idea, personally i have loads of costumes.

I kinda said that before lmao

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Sorry Stick,

I didn’t realize I was double posting, I thought you meant we could have the 5 recent costumes under those tabs, not the favorites. You get credit for that add-on sorry about that!

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