Ability to sell our own costumes


Selling the costumes we don’t need to other players

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If we have costumes that we don’t want or they are rare because of costumes in quest point from previous years or games costumes (like skywars, treasure wars or drop) to have the ability to do /market or something like this, put price in minecoins or quest points and someone can search in /market and buy it and after getting quest points or minecoins.
I think it will be cool.

(I didn’t found it in other suggestions so I putted it)

Game costumes should not be sellable, also i kinda like the idea. I wanna sell all my costumes from the marketplace and keep quest amd event costumes

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As someone with over 100 costumes but only using 1 this would be useful
Maybe you can sell the costumes to friends for 750 qp


I think this is out of Minecraft limits i believe but I am not sure


This probably would not be added because if we would sell our costumes to other players, that would have some downsides such as certain costumes being randomly stolen without the player’s knowledge or maybe trading to the wrong person and the staff getting multiple complaints. Either way, this probably might not ever be possible.

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Even if this was allowed, we are not interested in becoming a marketplace. There’s too much overhead and potential for abuse.

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