A way to fix bow spamming

Ok so I know most people hate bow spamming except bow spammers.
So If hive will add a feature that is “1 bow shot per 4 seconds” after you shoot a bow it will stop spammers and make TW and SG more fair.

This would literally make bows next to useless
Also in SG they already have a system to stop weak shots


Yeah just control c control p the sg system and your good to go, this just benefits runners, passive pvpers


Instead of that, I would suggest making a 3-second delay if the player shoots the bow when not fully charged

If the player waits for the bow to fully charge, the delay won’t apply


Or at least, 60% - 100% charged bow.
below 50% will have a 3 seconds delay.

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Why do people hate bowspamming its one of the best things in the game!

don’t bowspam kids

I hope you are being sarcarstic

Actually nvm I didnt read the last text

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Also Arthur: