A way to find hiding players

So I know for a fact everyone has at least once run into a hiding player in hive Skywars. Whether it’s underground or in a building. IT IS ANNOYING.

I would like to see some kind of feature where every player gets highlighted or some kind of actual indicator of where they are. Like maybe when the clock hits 1:00 the players name lights up (crouched or not) or even just a full body highlight spectral arrow style.


compass: exists

your example someone underground. you can narrow it down to like a 3x3 or 4x4 area (not by height) and then mine around there. if they’re underground they prolly have tunnels so you can follow them.
it honestly doesn’t take much lol, this isn’t needed and it’s rare for you to be unable to find them for over 5 minutes.


alr chill.

the compass isn’t that hard to use. you just need to get used to it. it should work for you if you know how to use it. that’s why this thing isn’t needed. it ruins things like traps aswell.

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Look I will say I’m sorry about the toxicity I was a bit angry when writing that. But I do know how to use the compass, it’s easy to use. But I don’t see how it would ruin traps that much if it’s a just someone hiding in a tunnel underground or in a 1 by 1. I don’t hate trapping but people hiding shouldn’t stall out the game and draw it.

You can always report the person once you find them. Or you can report them if you don’t find them

Yes but it still sucks that the match would draw, plus I don’t think they should be reported. They just shouldn’t have a way to do it.

like ryyuunn said, the compass does exist.

this is good but what if you are on the complete other side of the map? maybe it could be like a minimap instead? The compass could even be updated but I dont see what could help it.

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I assume this feature will help narrow it down, not to find the player’s island.

Use the compass to find their general location, and then look for the outline

good point, compass + outline = find the player :+1:

Wait, what if this was an item, instead of an automatic feature?

Like, a “special” compass that could drop from a mystery chest that would have the compass and their outline.

Does this work better for this problem?

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it wouldnt ruin traps because who looks at their compass every second

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if they had the spectral thing you could just see the person there waiting for you to spleef you or smth

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Why doesn’t the compass just out line them :stuck_out_tongue:

that sounds a tad bit overpowered

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Hi there! I know it can be annoying when players camp or hide and you are unable to find them. In my personal opinion I think that if the player gets highlighted or outlined it would give too much of an advantage. The compass already points you to the nearest player and if you follow where it points it does help you a bit, although sometimes it may not. Possibly something that might be a bit more helpful to add onto that would be height of there they are, if they are hiding underground or above ground. You could always send a message like “Hey! Please do not hide it holds up the game and is against the rules” and give a general reminder! If they end up continuing to hide the best thing to do would be report them on the Hive’s discord server! Thank you for sharing this idea!! :smiley:

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How about after a time limit then they become outlined?

This still applies even if it’s only for part of the game

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POV: U don’t know wat a compass is

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Yeah this is very annoying and it is also hard to get a tracking compass in skywars and also in treasure wars and there is 1 player hiding on the edge of the map and when you go to attack him he nockes you in to the void and you lose it is so frustrating