A survival world (on the server)

Survival server

Survival is where there is a lobby with multiple people with many fun stuff. If you do /wild you go to the survival plains then you go meet everything.

More information:
Custom enchantments, money, more and no pvp unless the player enables pvp in wilderness
"Pvp arenas
Heck this would be fun to play with its own lobby. You can do /plot to own your own plot and build. Creating also a team of people with your plot.
Spawners that people can harvest
This will be WAY fun for hive (bedrock edition) because their isnt that much games and i would LOVE to have this in hive.

no, just no gamer.

I’m ok with this somewhat, however the server is hive minigames so I don’t see this getting added, also this would need to be reworked since if they added this one to one it would be very unoriginal and disappointing.

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True on that one bro oof :confused:


Yeah thanks for respecting my differing opinions, Keep making more ideas if you feel they will contribute!

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