A Suggestion to stop autoclicks

sooo hive has recently increased on players that have autoclicks.
mobile players have discovered keymapper and started using it

and when they get accused they say “i drag click” or
autoclicking is fine on mobile becus pc players

but it isnt. some mobile players worked their butts off just to get gud but
since autoclickers are increasing, its hard for the average mobile community and the mobile community who got skills legit.

and there is no way for us to prove that their using autoclicker and send it to the report channel in the hive discord server.

so i propose an idea, what if there was an CPS counter toggle in /toggles.
i have done my reasearch and auto clickers get 30+ cps, more than a drag clicker.

and if a player has more than 30+ cps we can report them easily with evidence now.

-side note
pls hive do this, im a mobile player who practiced skills like strafing
and some blatant autoclicker always beats me becus cps

and with higher cps = less kb
so pls hive do this, im beggin u

then explain why you said this:

also, there clearly is proof that they’re autoclicking. If they are clicking when they aren’t attacking you, then they are autoclicking. c’mon man, it’s not that hard.

no u haven’t

begging won’t help

asking to make hackers less prevalent isn’t gonna help anyone. staff are human beings just like everyone else, and they can’t just magically get rid of autoclickers. they currently have an anticheat that like i said, is in development, but staff have other things to do.


People with skills can beat some autoclickers, but yes they are annoying

Bruh, if they were too do this…this isn’t even what /toggles is for!

this isn’t how it works. Cps doesn’t really have to do with less/more kb


pretty sure thats on java only

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. . .what research?

I mean, idk i don’t want to sound sus here, but autoclickers vary in speed. Some people are smart enough (Or much rather, aren’t dumb enough) to set their clicking speed to 100 cps and they just do a solid 12-15 (I’ve seen those cringe hacker youtubers)

Also. . .

they’re going to see the suggestion and most likely discuss it, don’t beg them to add it

how does this make sense

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that’s a thing in java, but not in bedrock

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okay and? that doesnt prove anything. there is people who can drag over 30+ cps WITHOUT an autoclicker. your research needs to actually be research…

as a really skilled person with years of playing that comment itself confuses me.?

and how cant you report them using discord? you can use discord anywhere. if you werent talking about that, its really simple to record them actually. but im not mobile so idk

thats only a java thing pretty sure, as i play both versions and im really experienced in both i have never experienced getting less kb on bedrock edition when playing hive skywars or any gamemode pvp related.

you need to make sense bud

cps is only a part of pvping, there is way more things you need to think about first before that. also, i feel like your acting like console players and even pc players like ME aren’t even good? its not like we haven’t have worked our butts off to master what we can do also, pc=best pvper no not at all! for me it took 2 years for me to actually get decent at pvp on pc, mobile actually was more quick for me. (before i switched)

anyways, this does not make any sense. hive isn’t gonna do anything about it unless you actually get more research done and be more clearer.

maybe im the dumb one, hm. idk

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And incredibly humble about it too

I do agree with a lot of the points you made, though I think it’s unnecessary to repeat what other people said several times instead of just liking them

If you disagree with the post don’t bump it.

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