A setting for touch-only queues

I think hive should add touch-only queues for mobile players in pvp gamemodes as the PBMM (Platform Based Match Making) does not stop keyboard and controller players since the players can connect them to their mobile device. I always come across a controller sweat in Skywars who just kills me because of controller advantages as they can jump bridge to get to mid for better things like diamond armor, golden apples etc. Please consider my idea as I think this will make hive have more players (maybe even more than CubeCraft).

Edit: Now, even ios players can connect their keyboard and mouse to play minecraft which was not available before (1.19.10).
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We’ve said this once and we’ll say it again

This alr exists in the server

However it’s only activated if there are more players


No, it doesnt lol. You’re referring to pbmm (platform-based match making), in which people playing on a mobile device are in the lowest que, people on a console the middle que, and people on pc the highest que. If someone’s device type is unknown, they get put into the pc que.

There are multiple problems with this - One of which is that it only comes into effect when 300 people are playing that specific gamemode on ur region.

The second problem, and the one I think this person is referring to, is that people on mobile who use a controller on their mobile device get paired with touch mobile players as part of this system. This creates a massive, unfair disparity in the ease of play. Controller players in the mobile que is a large problem and hive is working on a fix for this with an unknown release date.

@GameGraver01 I have gotten confirmation from multiple mods that they are working on a fix for this, so fingers crossed this will get implemented in the near future. Welcome to the forums, and happy hiving! :blobheart:

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As a mobile I really hope hive fixes the mobile queue issues because being with 1 person with kbm connected to mobile can ruin my whole game which can make players leave the server


Let us hope for this update.

people could just queue with touch then connect a controller in the cage

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well ya but that could be a reportable offense, like “matchmaking evasion” or something
People could just hack in normal games

I tried doing that on hyperlands and nethergames but if u do that, they kick you out of the game. If these servers are this capable then the Hive should also be able to do the same.


Yeah, I’m fairly sure you can join matchmaking for another device with “join server” on your friends list. Even if they’re on a separate device, so that would be one easy way for the hive to stop it partially.

Anyway, this issue is also the reason I don’t play hive on console, so yeah hopefully it gets fixed.

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