A Purchasable Bee mount

Once mounts are released, a Bee mount is a obvious must.

A Bee mount should be able to fly around the lobby ofc with white particle effects behind the wings.

The mount could be included into bundle with a Bee pet, a “BZZZ” title and a honey comb or a Bee’s nest avatar.
If you are thinking about making flying a exclusive perk for the Hive+ rank, then maybe a Bee mount will be perfect as a new perk for purchasing the Hive+ rank.

I think a bee mount would be cool and all, but flying is not gonna happen. They don’t let helpers fly, so why would they let regulars or hive plus members fly?

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Oh they don’t? That’s a little odd imo.

Well things can always change. On Java they let people who had ranks use /fly… or maybe that was just for the final day before it closed I don’t know for sure. I haven’t played on Java in years but I wanted to play the Java server on the last day.

I had emerald rank on Java realized I could do /fly when before they never allowed that.

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Mounts are planned and are still in progress
It’s in the “In progress” section

Click here uwu

good idea, but maybe instead of actually flying it would be going up to 5 blocks above the ground, and fly other than that

Parkour with bee mount go brrrrrr

yeah, but that would be impossible with my suggestion