A Permanent Sword

a permanent sword could be really useful if someone is stacked and trying to get you treasure and you die so you need to respawn but you have to buy another sword while someones destroying your treasure. The permanent sword would be either a stone or wood sword I the price would be probably about 10 gold for if it’s a wood and 15 if it’s a stone in my opinion.

Maybe a delay of 5 seconds or something

This is actually a great idea, having to buy it instead of it coming by default but I believe the respawn time should be longer if this were to be added.


Welcome to the Fourms! :partying_face:

Seems like a nice idea

(stacked people come to my base a lot because I never protect it pls add ;-; )

With a delay mabey… I will think about it

This isn’t bad, per se, but you can achieve the same thing by saving a few extra swords in your ender chest, so I don’t find this necessary

This idea could be added in my opinion, I wish they add that so we have a chance of surviving after death

I think you should have to buy the sword once, but after that it’s permanent.

For all swords? No, that seems like a bad idea because someone with diamond armor will always have ALL their OP gear. If you’re saying having the option to buy one, well that’s the suggestion


Yea bcs if you buy a dmd sword then you keep it and it’s op

The permanent sword would have to be wooden, or else stone swords will be useless

In my opinion instead of buying it. It would come instantly but it would have to be wooden

Not necessarily. It would be 10-15 more gold than a normal stone sword, so it wouldn’t be an instant buy

I meant just for stone or wooden
Not for dia that’s op

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I’ve wanted this for a while! A wooden sword wood (pun intended.) be useful if someone was trying to kill you and all you can do is hit them until they eventually get your treasure and kill you.

He wasn’t replying to you directly, he was replying to someone who said all swords should be kept on death


Is nobody going to acknowledge that this isn’t necessary because you can save swords in your ender chest? I already mentioned this but nobody commented on it and it’s mildly irritating.

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Oh god a ‘Chance’

I think she meant that you would have the possibility to survive after dying because you could defend youself with the sword if the treasure was broken. It also confused me at first.