A partnership event between cubecraft and the hive

my idea is that the two servers would make a partnership event and that they would present us with new and unique mini games and that the two main hubs would unite becoming one and only HUGE hub with details of the Cubecraft hub and The Hive hub and they agree ?

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No no no. Hive doesnt need to do anything with Cubecraft. Personally, they need to stay FAR away from anything Cubecraft does, or Hive + will be a 30$ rank. And each costume will be 830 Minecoins


A mini game that connects the two is a very interesting idea. I personally like this idea, but the developers of both servers may not. Reasons being that they could have completely different views on how the minigames should run and be updated. I don’t think these two servers should collaborate because it would ruin the competition for other featured servers. These two giants in the featured server tab would absolutely crush the rest of the competition, which Microsoft/Mojang will mostly likely hate. A collaboration with a lot less popular featured server might work out so much better(I really believe Galaxite has the most potential for this).

Voted though, this could be very beneficial for both servers if done correctly!


Like said above
Galaxite would be a faaar better candidate that cubecraft


Ye I think most hive players prefer galaxies over cubecraft.


Well I’m not a PVP player so I might choose Galaxite instead of Cubecraft, as almost all the game in Cubecraft are PVP games.
And it may not be a good idea for servers to do this, every server is unique.
Last, as mentioned by someone above, Hive and Cubecraft are the gaints in Bedrock so the collaboration may be unfair for other servers.


This is a perfect idea for an A-level economics essay.


Well if you want inflation on the Hive this would be good lol

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In fact I just want to say there’s no need :slightly_smiling_face:
Hive is Hive and Cubecraft is Cubecraft, they may have different ideas of how to run their servers. In my opinion Hive make a balance between the PVP games and non-PVP games so it’s friendly to the casual players like me. Cubecraft’s games are almost PVP games so I didn’t really enjoy Cubecraft

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What does this have to do with Jeff Bezos?

Anyway this doesn’t seem like a nice idea since both servers should just keep away from eachother and focus on their own servers.