A new mode for just build (triple or quadruple time)

i as a level 9 player love building in this gamemode and its just more better than others but there is something i want to add. i was playing earlier today and i had something in mind with many details but didnt get the time to do so. therefore i couldt do whqt i wanted to do. sp i propose a triple time gamemode (15 minutes) or maybe even a quadruple time (20). this would really help out with people who want to focus on the details and not the competition like me and i wish this could be added.

I like this idea as I can’t really think fast and build fast either :joy:. However I highly doubt Hive adds this as I’m not sure how many players it would pull. Good idea though. Have a nice day :purple_heart:

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I personally think the double build time is already too much. The game is about thinking fast and building fast, and adding more time kinda defeats that idea.

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I’d be down for it but, seeing how many people leave in extended already…

There would be a whole 3 people max at the end of the game

I would only see this being a custom server option


This would’ve been good before when the just build theme voting wasn’t added, because I was STRUGGLING trying to build an ender dragon in 5 minutes.

Triples has technically been added already but in private servers, letting you change the time to max 15mins.